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Make And Give: Simple And Modern Crafts To Brighten Every Day (2014)

by Steph Hung(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
1611801486 (ISBN13: 9781611801484)
Roost Books
review 1: As the name suggests, this is a modern craft book with 35 projects to make and give to friends and family as gifts.This is not an old fashioned craft book - it's stylish and fun with unique and affordable projects to make. The pages are full of bright pictures and pretty styling for each project so you know what the craft is meant to look like - which is a necessity! As with any craft you will need to buy certain materials and use templates to do the projects. It has step by step instructions on how to do each project and suits crafters on all levels - from those that only know how to use a pair of scissors to professionals with a hot glue gun!Written by two creatives - the former editor and art director of Martha Stewart Living you can imagine how good the images and idea... mores are in this book - it's definitely one that Martha Stewart fans will love.My only vice is that I didn't receive a hard copy of this book and because of the images I couldn't download it to my Kindle eReader either and I had to download it to my computer to read from which I found difficult. I would get much more use out of this book in hard copy.I recommend this book to readers who want to make modern home made gifts - it would also make a great gift for a fellow crafter.Disclosure: Thanks to NetGalley and Roost Books for providing me with a digital version of this book to review. As always, all opinions are my own.
review 2: It was fun and light and interesting to review. Anything I'm dying to go make? No, but there are some projects I'll put on the back burner to consider how I can make it work for me, such as the Housewarming Gifts -- which I think I will personalize for my new homeowner friends. :)I figure if there's at least 1 idea that works for me, then the book was certainly worth my time to pick up and look. Because of the unrevealing cover and that it looks like your typical "make"r books (square, hipster black, fun/ky typeface combo, etc.), it'll be difficult to spot this book on a shelf at Barnes & Noble as something special. Any chance they'd consider revamping the cover and spine to help make this standout?There were definitely some good ideas and I hope it finds itself in the hands of fellow crafters. less
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Some really cute ideas here! Tucking a few ideas away for future gift ideas for friends and nephews.
Good craft book. Nothing exceptional, but worth a look.
Has some cute and easy ideas.
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