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The Awkward Human Survival Guide: How To Handle Life's Most Uncomfortable Situations (2014)

by Adam Dachis(Favorite Author)
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1454911646 (ISBN13: 9781454911647)
review 1: I really enjoyed this book, as I greatly enjoy humorous reads. I like the varied subject matters and how the book did not shy away from the embarrassing. Unfortunately, many of the situations were a bit more relatable than I'd want them to be, because I've encountered some real weirdos in the past several years, many of whom I am actually related to.... I won this book from the Goodreads.com website. It was organized well and fun to read.
review 2: I actually enjoyed this book a bit more than your average motivational reads. There was a surprising bit of humor. Some of the situations were very relatable and I was a little surprised at how it didn't shy away from certain subject matters no matter how embarrassing they are. Some of the solutions seems like co
... moremmon sense, but common sense isn't always common. Either way I did enjoy the read, but it wasn't life-changing. I think it's worth a read if you're looking for information on this topic and you want a light entertaining and funny read. less
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Good (sometimes awkward and humorous) advice on getting through life's, well, awkward moments.
I won this book through the goodreads first reads program.
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