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An Experiment On The Word: Reading Alma 32 (2011)

by Adam S. Miller(Favorite Author)
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0983963606 (ISBN13: 9780983963608)
Salt Press LLC
review 1: These essays made me think hard about the meaning of faith and knowledge and how each are obtained. My favorite of the bunch was the last essay by Robert Couch called Faith and Commoditization. Great analysis of how we can cheapen the process of gaining spiritual understanding as we just accept creeds without the personal wrestling to get to the conclusions yourself. Just as fruit from the grocery store may be satisfying, it is not the same as growing and eating your own fresh fruit, so it is with spiritual things. Great stuff.I also liked Faulconer and Millers essays. Very thought provoking and a little mind bending.The others were good, but did not resonate as much as the aforementioned essays.
review 2: Wow! what a wonderful collection of theological essays.
... more I enjoyed reading every essay, but the final one by Robert Couch really resonated with me, and has caused me to really start taking inventory of where I stand with my faith. I would highly recommend this collection to anyone interested in Mormon theology and the study of faith. A free pdf version of this book is available on the Salt Press website for anyone interested. Again, such a delightful, thought-provoking read! less
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Thoughts on the Word, Eden,Charity, power, signs, proof,Knowledge production.
The essays were pretty good—Jim Faulconer's being my favorite.
I'm biased, but I thought this collection was great.
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