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Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink (2012)

by Stephanie Kate Strohm(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 6
0547564597 (ISBN13: 9780547564593)
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review 1: I read this in a couple quick gulps, perfect summer candy reading for me. I was interested initially in a YA about a history nerd girl who does a summer internship at a living history museum. Which then turned out to be really obviously modeled on Mystic Seaport, down to my being able to recognize descriptions of some buildings before I even knew the author was from Connecticut and figured that out. The resolution of the love triangle was obvious from the beginning but it was still nice to watch unfold. Add in a ghost story, lots of pop culture references, and a setting I enjoy, and it was perfect. Bonus points for calling the best friends' internship magazine Mode(and Teen Mode) a la Ugly Betty. Lost points for the characters being very stereotypical(fashiony blond, gay i... morendian best friend, sci-fi nerd love interest, etc) but points added back for my not caring.
review 2: VOYA Rating: 4Q 4P (for girls)[return][return]Recommended [return][return]Libby is a cute, blond, bubbly girl from Minnesota who is doing an internship in Camden Harbor, MA. Libby is really into historical reenactment, loves to read and is good with children. She teaches the students in her summer camp how to sew, bake and live like pioneer women. A cute sailor is interested in her and she somehow ends living on a ship with a cute, nerdy reporter. Libby’s day consists of history, special events and chasing down the ghost that is living on her ship.[return]I had pretty low expectations for this book, but it was surprisingly good! It had a lot more substance, historical facts and a positive message. It’s a fun, quick beach read for girls. I think it’s only out in paperback. There is a romance with not much that is objectionable, there is some drinking by the town “bad boys”. I would put this book up on a spring break or summer reading book display. It’s targeted towards girls and good readers will probably get through this book in a day or two. It’s a perfect book for a student looking for a romance novel.[return]I liked the message that history is cool. That you can be popular and pretty and still be into history. Libby made being a historical reenactor cool. She had lots of attention from boys, she was the target of a mean girl; who thought that Libby was too blonde to like history and she got the cute nerd in the end. There was also the message that you had to get past appearances in order to really know someone. Libby’s best friend was gay and they had initially bonded over their love of fashion. Dev plays an important role at the end of the story. The message of tolerance is not in your face, but it’s in there….which is good. I think this book is a great addition to a school library. According to the authors website, a follow-up book was just released called “Confederates don’t wear couture” where Libby and Dev head to Alabama to sell costumes to Confederate reenactors. less
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Every girl/ individual who likes romance books needs to read it. . .
Fun and fluffy - perfect summer afternoon read.
Cute book. Unfortunate Title.
This book was adorbs.
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