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48 Hours 'Til Christmas (2000)

by Stephany Tullis(Favorite Author)
4.74 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Having read Stephany Tullis' THE MASTER'S PLAN, it made sense that with Christmas approaching rapidly, that I read this one as well and I was glad to do so. Told from many different perspectives, this is the story of the greatest Christmas that Smoothville has ever seen and all that needed to happen to make it turn from a plan into reality. The old favourite characters popped in for some help, while new ones emerged and made you fall in love with them as well. A definite read this holiday season, or all year round. Once again Tullis has constructed a book that is engaging and keeps you guessing to the last moment as to who is the one trying to sabotage their Christmas plans? A great read written beautifully and will keep you turning the pages. Highly recomme... morended!
review 2: Stephany Tullis’ 48 Hours 'Til Christmas made me smile. This is a delightful story that is full of heart and good cheer. I really enjoyed starting out the pre-holiday season with this adorable book. The author writes a striking seasonal story that is sure to make people feel good and think about the things that are important in life. This is a sweet tale that touched me.Not a bad way to enter into the festivities of the upcoming new year!Quote ~“Her investigations led her to conclude that Smoothville would miss out on the mayor’s promised Christmas Extravaganza. She had a few more calls to make based on current info but from where she swiveled in her executive desk chair, Smoothville’s Christmas was doomed! Bells would not be ringing and children would be crying—not singing!” less
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Excellent read this time of year. Kept me intrigued and waiting to see what happened.
On the look out for a Christmas story, this is a great read.
A great and enjoyable read for the holidays.
So exciting! What a riveting tale.
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