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Confession Of A Buddhist Atheist (2010)

by Stephen Batchelor(Favorite Author)
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0385527063 (ISBN13: 9780385527064)
Spiegel & Grau
review 1: I really enjoyed reading this book. I especially liked his break down of the history of the Buddha and stripping it down to who the Buddha was rather than having any inluences from Hinduism. There were a few parts I felt a little skeptical on his interpretations and conclusions being so absolute, so I advise readers to take it with a grain of salt. My own skepticism aside, I think this book gives a great perspective on learning about Buddhism.
review 2: Excellent book about one man's search for meaning in life and his quest to reconstruct the life of the man who became known as the Buddha. A truly enlightening read (no pun intended), the author lays out the bare bones of the methodology for living life that is unique to man Sidattha Gotama, stripped of it's inf
... moreluences by other institutions, particularly that of pre-Buddhist, Indian mysticism and asceticism.Reading this book has encouraged me to explore further this philosophy of life and indeed I have begun to consider myself something of a Buddhist atheist as well. less
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..very interesting read. A mix of memoir and historical criticism.
Fascinating personal narrative woven with history and philosophy.
Loved the section on the historical buddha, bored by the rest
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