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Killer (2000)

by Stephen Carpenter(Favorite Author)
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Jack Rhodes
review 1: This book is probably more like 3.5 stars but because I was pleasantly surprised by how much I did like it, I bumped it up to 4 stars. This thriller/mystery was definitely brain candy (as the main character-author even admits, he won't be mistaken for John Updike). Still, it was worth reading (and for only 99 cents, it was worth the download). The ending was not the best part; I felt like it dragged on a bit. BUT, the beginning and middle had me riveted. Every time I thought I had it figured out, the author would surprise me. The last quarter of the book was a bit predictable, but the first three-quarters made up for that. Warning: it is a bit graphic; not for the squeamish.
review 2: Jack Rhoades is an author. After the suicide of his fiance he goes on
... morea long drinking binge that leaves him unable to remember anything that happened during the drinking 18 months. He sobers up and writes a best selling series on a serial killer. He is brought in to the LAPD to be questioned when a body is found exactly where one of the bodies in his book was found. The police search his other books and find bodies dumped there as well. At first he believes it to be a deranged copy cat killer, but the police inform him the bodies were dumped before the books were published. This is a crazy and exciting ride to find out if Jack is the killer or exactly what is going on. The great thing is this book was only $2.99 on Amazon. Sweet! less
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Great book from a new author. Kindle only at this point. Best I've read in a long time!
I read this book without putting it down...it was gripping and fast-paced.
Well written book with some twists and turns. Worth reading!
Excellent Murder Mystery!
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