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Hell's Aquarium (2009)

by Steve Alten(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
1935142046 (ISBN13: 9781935142041)
Variance Publishing LLC
review 1: Meg series has always been rich chocolate to me... you know it is not nutritious and probably bad for you, but ungodly addicting (as long as they are consumed in small quantities). I really did enjoy the series- especially the first one. The idea that a prehistoric, once-thought-to-be-extinct megashark is actually thriving in the abyss definitely won me over. But like all good ideas, when it is overused it becomes just dry and boring- and that is exactly what Alten end up doing in this book. Judging from the way the story ended, there seems to be more coming up (and he also specified he is working on book 5). In that putative new installment of Meg, I do hope he focuses more on megalodon....
review 2: Probably the least entertaining of the series. Not enou
... moregh focus on the Megs themselves though there is a lot of setup that doesn't get delved into. I guess Alten was sowing seeds for book five but it leaves the fourth installment as a glass half full most of the time. The expansion of the prehistoric pantheon as the focal point of the book seems to derail the Taylor family's connection to the Megalodons. If book five ever pops up maybe it'll tint my reaction to Hell's Aquarium but I don't know for sure. less
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4th book in the meg series. read if you have read the others don't if your just jumping in
disappointed. liked the first 2 books in this series but this was just unbeliveable
Good, loses it a little at one point but still good.
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