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Bones: Skeletons And How They Work (2010)

by Steve Jenkins(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
0545046513 (ISBN13: 9780545046510)
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review 1: Steve Jenkins makes us simultaneously marvel at the form and function of various bones and skeletons as well as his own technical skill as an artist. Witness the delicate, precise rendering of a python's 200 ribs. Jenkins also indicates when skeletons are shown in actual size or gives us the scale if they are shown larger or smaller, making this useful for mathematical connections to ratio and proportion.
review 2: This is another fantastic piece of non-fiction by Steve Jenkins! In the book "Bones," Jenkins does a great job of incorporating intriguing visuals to help readers understand important concepts about the skeletons of humans as well as many other animals. Each page addresses a different concept about bones or skeletons, which keeps the information
... moreorganized and easy for kids to follow. What I really love is the opportunity to use the beautiful illustrations to compare/contrast bones of different animals. Jenkins' choices as an author/illustrator really help readers to make connections with the information. less
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Detailed illustrations complete with scale specifications.
I learned some amazing things!!!!
4K got this first.
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