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Nefarious (2013)

by Steven F. Freeman(Favorite Author)
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The Blackwell Files
review 1: When I picked up Nefarious {hard copy, author signed}, I did not realize I would be in it for the long haul. This book, set in wartorn Afghanstan has many facets to draw different readers. Like Horror, I seldom read war stories, but there was a fast connection with the main characters that had me hooked. There is a mystery, there is suspense, there is a love story, but... going in, knowing this is a series, with a very satisfying stand-alone story, is a delight.Mr. Freeman is a beginning author with a bright future. I have bought his second book, Ruthless, and his third, T Wave, which just gives me time enough to be ready for his fourth, Havoc, that is due out in August or September 2012.He's an author I recommend and getting in on the ground floor is the best - it is ap... moreparent, he will prove to be, not only a proficient but prolific writer
review 2: Nefarious is a fast paced ride. It reminded me a lot of Dan Browns style in the way it introduced characters and story lines, then whisked you away to another one and left you dying to know what was happening in the previous story line but, just as absorbed in the latest, so that your only option is to continue to read!I am a huge Dan Brown fan but constantly scold him for this as I read. Because all of the story lines are so compelling, there is no good place to stop! And you know they all converge at some point like a big, exciting puzzle. You are kept on a constant, riveting, consuming edge where you must know what is happening, yet you will not know all until the story comes together and brings closure. So, I suggest you make sure you have the time to read it through, because you get strapped in from the first scene. I really enjoyed the way Alton's character and Mallory were developed. The author appears to have a military background and things that would normally have left me clueless were written in a way that were understandable without interrupting the flow of the story or giving a jargon lesson. And, certain medical terms that I was well aware of, MI, myocardial infarction, comes to mind, were definitely used correctly. So, the fact that Mr. Freeman definitely did his homework to use proper terminology for authenticity, yet did not overwhelm the reader with constant useless terms was very well done.I personally didn't see this book as a "war book", as I have seen stated, but a suspenseful thriller with elements of war, military and even romance. But, whatever overlapping genres it fits into, it is one heck of a ride! Well written and compelling. Can't wait to read the next one. less
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Maybe I'll get back to it later. Story just can't keep my attention.
This is an exciting story with many angles to it.
can't wait to read the next one!
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