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7th Sigma (2011)

by Steven Gould(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
0312877153 (ISBN13: 9780312877156)
Tor Books
review 1: An enjoyable book that is both a coming of age tale and a series of adventures, apparently an homage to Rudyard Kipling's Kim. The main character Kimble lives in very interesting and semi apocalyptic times. Bugs that eat metal (actually "tiny, solar-powered, self-replicating machines) have overtaken almost all of Western America, particularly the desert areas, as they don't like water. People have learned to live with them, by not using metal (for eg., bullets are ceramic). Law is kind of like in the Old West, with too much criminality and too few lawmen. Kimble teams up with an old Sensei, Ruth, and they quickly become indispensable to each other. He needed a mentor and she needed a student. The rest of the book is a series of loosely connected stories, as Kimble becomes ... morea natural spy and is much used by the regional captain to investigate tricky situations. The world is very interesting and the characters are compelling. Kimble's adventures are never too terrible, so the book is appropriate for middle schoolers (though he does have some relationships).
review 2: Good set of vignettes as Kim grows up in the territories, where any metal is forbidden by an alien bug swarm that eats metals, creating more bugs. Kim leaves his abusive father and finds a new family with a recent divorcee coming into the territories, and builds a new family. Humans preying on humans is still the crux of the story as Kim gets involved investigating incidents for the Territorial Rangers. less
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My husband stole this from me to read and it hooked him.
Very enjoyable science fiction update of Kim.
Very pleasant read. Couldn't put it down!
I hope he writes a sequel, great book.
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