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The Impossible Cube (2012)

by Steven Harper(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 1
0451464508 (ISBN13: 9780451464507)
Clockwork Empire
review 1: Solid story with solid, enjoyable characters! The only drawback was the circus...I'm just not a fan of circuses so it's my shortcoming. The good news is that the circus wasn't the main focus and now I don't have to expect a circus in future novels! Seriously, circuses are to novels what the obligatory "fight club" episodes are to genre TV. Did I mention the novel was highly enjoyable in spite of this? :)
review 2: This is the sequel to The Doomsday Vault. It continued a good story and developed almost all of the characters that you've wanted to see again from the first book. Dr. Clef though was woefully underdeveloped as a character in my opinion though. That's a shame as it would have been a perfect way of letting us see what's in store for our main charact
... moreers. I still liked the book though. Great steampunk. less
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Good sequel to Doomsday Vault. Another excellent addition to Harper's Clockwork Empire series.
Can't wait until the third book comes out. A few typos were in this one though.
Good book. Keeps up the pace set in the first of the series.
Fantastic! Review to come.
loved it...yay new author
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