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Spy Camp (2013)

by Stuart Gibbs(Favorite Author)
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1442457538 (ISBN13: 9781442457539)
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Spy School
review 1: Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs is a fun, intriguing book that won the Texas Bluebonnet award. This book tells the story of a boy named Ben Ripley who is training to be an undercover spy. For the past year, he trained and escaped danger as his daily life. When summer rolls around, he expects to be able to take a break and relax since he worked hard all year, but the work of spy can never take a rest. Ben is faced with the enemy SPYDER, the enemy spy group, which he has obligations to handle. Will Ben be able to handle the dangers that SPYDER poses? This story would be fun to read in the classroom because many children dream of being spies at a young age, and seeing a middle schooler training to be a spy would encourage them to work hard for whatever it is they might want to be la... moreter on in life, and also it would help them to believe that they have the power to do whatever they want with their future.
review 2: Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs is a mystery book. It is a book about a kid named Ben who goes to the School of Espionage, it's a made up school where students learn to be spies. Stuart earlier in the year gets involved with an evil spy organization called SPYDER. The book is about him trying to catch and stop their evil doings, meeting new friends and enemy's along the way. I personally thought that it was a very interesting and action packed book. I really liked the part when Ben has the, OMG i just solved the mystery moment. Because following after that he needed the information he just concluded. I think people who really like mysteries especially action filled ones, this book could also be great for young adults. less
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This was an enjoyable read while I was working my way through this year's Bluebonnet titles.
Action packed and even though there is violence, it is PG rated. Kids will love this!
in the book spy camp it is a very adventure and a mystery as well
Overall it was good, but the beginning was a bit slow.
Fun, quick read, geared to boys .
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