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Roller Derby Rivals (2014)

by Sue Macy(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
0823429237 (ISBN13: 9780823429233)
Holiday House
review 1: "Every hero needs a villain."The story of the beginnings of the Roller Derby in which promoters set up Gerry Murray and Toughie Brasuhn as rivals in the rink. "Fans would be shocked to learn that the two women, sworn enemies on the track, actually get along just fine." The author's note details the influence that TV had on the roller derby and vice versa. This is such an interesting, historical topic not written about very often. Author's acknowledgments: "So thanks to those who skated back then for showing me that women can be strong and fearless. It's a lesson every girl should learn."
review 2: This book depicts the true story of two female roller derby stars of the 1940s and one particular match between the two. The book shows the two women as the hero and
... morevillain, and the book is uniquely told more from the perspective of the villain derby girl, making her more sympathetic (and perhaps the hero a little less likable). The story is limited, but the novelty of the topic could be engaging for children. The illustrations are nice, but nothing extraordinary. It was nice including notes on the historical accuracy, timeline, and author's sources. For this reason, it could be used as a good historical text, albeit on a very narrow topic during a very narrow time period (1948). Other than that, it doesn't have the best connection to social studies.1/3 less
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This was surprisingly well-researched, with references at the end. The art was exciting and retro
good story and I liked the timeline of derby history in the back.
New favorite "found-on-shelf" book, just on the cover alone...
This book just makes me want to learn more about Roller Derby.
Norman Rockwell paints roller derby.
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