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Dream A Little Dream (2012)

by Sue Moorcroft(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 1
1906931909 (ISBN13: 9781906931902)
Choc Lit
review 1: A welcome addition to Moorcroft’s Middledip set series of novels, this focuses on Liza Reece, a holistic therapist at The Stables. Blighted by her reaction to a marriage proposal, which in turn led to more serious repercussions, Liza leads a buttoned-up, work orientated life. Enter Dominic Christy, ex-air traffic controller, who is dashing and obnoxious, clearly smitten with her and suffering from narcolepsy - they fit well together but, as always, the path to true love never runs smoothly. There are a lot of things to praise with this novel, from the expert characterisation (we know very little about Edward, who runs The Stables, but Sue paints us a vivid picture with one or two sentence and it never leaves us), the locations and the use of narcolepsy, where its clea... morer she’s done a lot of research, but it never appears stiff or educational. Liza is a typical Moorcroft heroine, tough but with a tender side and she’s the sister of Cleo (from “All That Mullarkey” and still one of my all-time favourite female characters ever), revelling in her role as Auntie (Cleo now has a young son and it’s nice to get a snapshot of her life, later on from her own novel) and we want her to do well and move on from the traumas of her life. With a nice jealous/vicious angle from a secondary character, this is never less than readable, moves at a good pace and is full of life. Very much recommended.
review 2: So far I’ve loved all Sue Moorcroft’s novels and had very high expectations for this one – I definitely wasn’t disappointed, it was brilliant! You slide effortlessly into the world she creates and instantly become involved in the lives of her characters, all of them very real and very human. Both the hero and heroine are scarred by past experiences, but from the moment they meet, sparks fly. And what sparks! I loved their banter and even their fights, but I liked the fact that they defended and helped each other even despite their differences. The secondary characters (some of whom we have met before in the author’s other novels) are just as well drawn – I felt tired just reading about being the mother of small children. And the descriptions of the hero’s battle to accept and cope with his newly diagnosed narcolepsy are fascinating – I came away with amazing respect for how someone suffering this sleep disorder has to live their life. Most of all, however, this is a wonderful, heart-warming love story and I thoroughly recommend it! less
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A great story - with a real kick in the tail!
An excellent read from start to finish!
reflexology in storyline!
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