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Adel's Purr (2011)

by Sui Lynn(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
1920484906 (ISBN13: 9781920484903)
Silver Publishing
Elements of Love
review 1: Gargoyle stories are not all that common, and this one, where their lore is explained more and expanded, then set in the future, is particularly imaginative. I loved learning about the powers of a Maker, as well as the history of this post-apocalyptic world. Some of the missing two centuries or so between now and the futuristic setting is cleverly filled in via a diary that belongs to Evan; it explains much of what otherwise might be strange.Evan is a stonemason, or so he thinks. He is one of the few people willing to go up against the Church, one of the key forces to help humankind recover from the catastrophe that almost destroyed civilization. His job is to find and protect gargoyles, as explained by his father, but he doesn’t know why until he finds Adel. The sense o... moref discovery and solving the mystery (and threat) of a corrupt priest kept me reading with interest.Adel is a gargoyle who has been asleep for a long time. He will do anything to teach Evan about himself, and he is extremely protective when he finds out they are mates. Adel’s encounters with modern technology made me smile, but he is able to adapt quite quickly. When events overtake them, Adel is the one to make sure Evan gets rescued, proving himself to be a good protector and a worthy mate.This story is an interesting mix between paranormal beings, mystical abilities and a futuristic setting where the church and religion play a major role in people’s lives again. I really liked this mix, and if you’re curious about seeing what the very imaginative mind of Sui Lyn has come up with, you might like this book. It definitely piqued my interest and I look forward to more volumes in the series.
review 2: Wow! Okay, I've never come across a gargoyle being described in such a way. It's intriguing to discover the world Sui Lynn has written. This is actually the first time that I read a book where gargoyles are the good guys and the protectors and it's a nice break from all the shifters, vampires and angels you see nowadays. Evan's powers were also well thought. This all fit together and made an interesting read. Look forward to how everything continues! less
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Really a 3.5. Interesting world, well written. I'm. Looking forward to the next book.
Interesting concept, very poor execution. I felt like I had to wade through it.
I can't wait for the next in the series.
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