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The Other Life (2012)

by Susanne Winnacker(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 1
1409536084 (ISBN13: 9781409536086)
The Other Life
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. One thing that got my attention was the cover. I loved how it was mainly white with a few streaks of black and then blam red. The story at times seemed typical and then felt original. From the cover to the last word I was hooked and captivated. By the end of the book I was hoping up and down in my seat hoping for a sequel. I go and look and get so sad when I see how long I have to wait. A good book that many will like.
review 2: This book had an interesting take to it. It wasn't one of my favorites but I did like it. I wish there would have been more to the writing or story telling. I think the most interesting thing is the weepers, they are not your regular sort of zombie. They can look like furry beast or just like a human. Also, t
... morehey sleep. One thing that made me rate this book a four is that the weepers for me made the story. Just because this book has bad reviews I felt it was better to give it a try because everyone has there own opinion on what they like. I will definitely read the second book. less
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Very exciting book. Very face pace and leave you on your edge on your seat. Overall a very good book
Absolutely loved this book but forgot the title. Definitely have to read it again now.
I loved this book! Amazing story line I honestly couldn't put it down.
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