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Grand Pursuit: A History Of Economic Genius (2011)

by Sylvia Nasar(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
0684872986 (ISBN13: 9780684872988)
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
review 1: An impressively researched book detailing the great economists of the past two centuries. Somehow, I felt it was too ambitious a canvas and no single "take-home" points really stood out in my mind. The narrative was definitely interesting at times - lots of irrelevant gossip about their personal lives included. I ploughed through to the end but the book could have been better if the main purpose had been clearer..still worth a cursory read..
review 2: At best, it is a series of disconnected biographies of economists who influenced and shaped the modern economy. Definitely not intended to be read as a "story of the people who made modern economics", and lacking the synthesis needed to show how they collectively influenced the way the world works. Too much time w
... moreas spent discussing the private and unnecessary details of the economists which the author did not attempt to make clear on their effects in shaping the mindset of the subjects of the book. less
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Interesting history of mostly people I had never heard of.
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