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The One Safe Place (2014)

by Tania Unsworth(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 5
1616203293 (ISBN13: 9781616203290)
Algonquin Young Readers
review 1: In the book, the story is about a boy named Devin that lived on a farm until his grandfather died and he runs to the city. Then he meets a girl named Kit and people are talking about a home that has food and shelter and sounds to good to be real. With a act of kindness, a boy brings Devin and Kit to the home and when they come, they find out it not what it seems. Children get this zombie like sickness called "The Dream" and it makes some kids to go insane. Devin is determined to figure out why they are doing this and how to get out.I really like this book, but the content of it sometimes was eerie and horrifying and very sad at some parts . When those parts happened, I literally had to put the book down because it got to much. Otherwise than that, I think it was a great bo... moreok and amazing characters. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves scary dystopian fiction novels and enjoys to have a scare.
review 2: The book The One Safe Place had been a book on my to-read list so when i found it i read it. I was a little depressed with the story at first because the begining wasn’t interesting but when i started to read on I got hooked. The story is a story with a lot of details that if i tell you I will give out spoilers. Devin -the main character- is a very open minded person and can see things and feel things other people can’t see, which i found very interesting. All in all i give this book a thumbs up. less
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Aimed a bit on the younger side of young adult, this book was intriguing and mysterious.
synesthesia, farm to science experiment, water controlled by wealth
Suspenseful original story.
nice and creepy!
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