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Wrong Turn (2012)

by Taylor Law(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
Taylor Law, via Smashwords
The Shenandoah Pack
review 1: Jessie Rohen is taking a mini vacation with a old friend in the mountains. Its pouring rain and Jessie sees a white wolf on the side of the road and losses track of time and what he is doing. Well now is gets stuck in a sink hole but he is troubled because he has like a connection with this animal. Anyways he tries to get out of the hole but in a few seconds there is a mudslide and is swept away and buried. Xander Dane is the bet. second in command of his pack, while out making sure his pack is accounted for because of the mudslide but wants to make sure the driver and car are safe so he checks it out. When he comes across an arm he digs the driver out. When in wolf form and seeing the guy driving he felt something in his soul, but he pushed it away. After making sure the ... moreguy is fine his own matting urges hit strong and is scared to death what this means since no one knew it was gay and now he finds his mate and is afraid in many ways to claim him. But he never expected his human mate happens to have amnesia.
review 2: It was sweet~And there are only 2 things that bothered me, unfortunately they are major things.The writing style feels off, amateurish ...It felt like this story was being read to me at a girl-scot campfire, and sometimes that's okay, but it this it did not allow me into the book.The world building, I think I missed it? And I hate that.2 stars for a sweet "free" short. less
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This was just a cute, fun read.
3.5 stars
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