All You Need To Know About Bedbugs

The scientific name of bed bugs is Cimex lectularius. They are tiny wingless insects that feed solely on warm-blooded animals. An ideal host for them is us, the humans.

For millions of years, bugs played the role of nest parasites inhabiting nests of birds and roosts of flittermouse (bats). Some of them have evolved and adapted to the human environment. Their newborns are called nymphs or hatchlings. They have earned the name of ‘bedbugs’ due to their choice of habitat – sofa, bed mattresses, etc. Bedbugs are an ever-increasing problem nowadays in all types of dwellings. Often an expert bed bug removal team is called in order to deal with infestation problems.

Spotting bedbugs:

Unfortunately, the most common sign of bedbug appearance is their bites, which they use for drawing blood from humans. So if you have been bitten, you should examine the bedroom for a probable source. A possible place of a bug hideout is in the creases of bed linen, seams and in the tuft of mattresses. Look for bedbug eggs in the mattresses or sofas. They look like tiny poppy seeds and are pale in colour. If you find tiny reddish or dark brown spots, they are actually droppings from bloodsucking critters. If an area is severely affected, you will also be able to smell a weird odour.

How do they feed?

Bed bug’s happy hour of feeding is just about an hour before sunrise. However, they don’t spare any food source if they get a chance on any at random hours of the day or night. But generally, they prefer to feed during the night and don’t like to be under sunlight. Bedbugs get attracted to us through our heat waves and due to the carbon dioxide that we exhale. They pierce our skin using a pair of hollow tubes. One of the tubes injects contaminated saliva of anaesthetics and anticoagulants so that we don’t feel a sting, and the blood flows out freely. The other tube is pierced only to suck blood.

Controlling the infestation:

Bedbugs are not easy to eradicate as they can hide in various sections of your room, or even your house. Contacting a professional pest control is the best decision that you can take. The specialists know well how to locate the critters and also get rid of them effectively. A qualified pest controller uses eco-friendly pesticides and insecticides to successfully purge bed bugs. Do-it-yourself methods are not so effective and in most cases the bugs re-strike. People who opt to do it on their own often start the removal process only after a week as they cannot find the actual source of the infestation.
Remember, in order to kill the bedbugs and get rid of them entirely, you need to take the help of professionals or else the infestation can grow from minor to severe.

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