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Total Knockout: Tale Of An Ex-Class President (2008)

by Taylor Morris(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 2
1416935991 (ISBN13: 9781416935995)
Simon & Schuster MiX
review 1: So I am now officially addicted to Taylor Morris' books. Her characters and plotlines are just great to read about, especially this one. I never realized how much I like reading about school politics until recently, after reading this one and Popular Vote by Micol Ostow. I also loved the inclusion of boxing into Lucia's life; it added a fun, unique element to the novel. Most authors worry about a sophomore slump but I actually think this novel is much better than her first Class Favorite. The action is more compelling, and reading about Lucia's troubles are more exciting and the stakes are much higher than Sara's in Class Favorite.
review 2: Lucia Latham has to win the election. She just has to! She was president in sixth and seventh grade. Never has the same s
... moretudent been voted president of Angus Junior High three years in a row, and Lucia will do whatever it takes to make history, including talking her friend, Melanie, into running for president. There’s no way Melanie will beat her, and when she comes in second, then Melanie would become her vice-president. And with her best friend, Cooper, running unopposed for secretary, shell have no problems getting the council to go along with her big idea! But, in asking Melanie to run, she doesn’t figure in the possibility that Melanie might actually be more popular that she is. And when the principal puts Lucia’s big plan into motion, Lucia doesn’t expect the students, including those on her own council, to hate it. And since nobody else really cares about student council the way she does, Lucia certainly never expected Nicole Jeffries, the school’s top reporter, to discover that she had broken one of the student council by-laws, resulting in a scathing article that called for Lucia to resign or be impeached!As Lucia’s presidency crumbles she finds she has no one to talk to. Her father has been little more than useless since losing his job. Her mother, already stressed from having to carry the full financial load, is all out of sympathy. And Melanie seems to actually enjoy being the new president. Lucia heads over to Cooper’s to vent and ends up confused and angry when she finds him boxing with Melanie! What will Lucia decide to do when she finds out about Melanie’s plan for the big yearly 8th grade fundraiser? Will she be able to help her dad find his way back into the game? And what about Cooper? Will she ever be able to look at him like she used to? Her best friend ever? Once again, Ms. Morris has created a delightful cast of characters. The reader will relate to Melanie’s frustration after doing something she knew was wrong, and now having to cope with the natural consequences. They’ll recognize her confused emotions as Cooper stirs strange feelings, and her resulting jealousy of Melanie. Sprinkle in a few upper cuts and jabs, and the result is a total knock-out! Although this second book is more serious than Taylor Morris’ debut novel, if you loved CLASS FAVORITE, you will be equally thrilled with TOTAL KNOCKOUT! less
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This book is so High school-ish! I think it would be awesome if they make it into a tv series
i'm going 2 read this book next after kisses and lies
Sweet and fun. I really enjoyed reading this.
It was ok but the main character annoyed me
it was cute
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