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Call Me Ted (2008)

by Ted Turner(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
0446581895 (ISBN13: 9780446581899)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: There needs to be a movie made about Ted Turner's life. He had an abusive father (eventually killed himself with a shotgun), had a mentally challenged sister (eventually died young), became an elite sailor and won America's Cup, built a small company into an empire, made billions of dollars, has given away over a billion dollars to charities, has done a ton for the environment, created a restaurant in order to keep bison thriving in America, and it is all done with a more than life personality with absolutely no filter of his words or thoughts. The book was an easy read, and there were some great stories within, but it did drag on occasionally.
review 2: I got a lot of pleasure out of this book. Ted Turner is one the biggest media moguls of the 20th century and
... more I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how he got to the top. Getting a peak inside the mind of Ted is not only fascinating but it's also entertaining. I thought I knew a decent amount about Ted until this book. He seems just about as nutty as he is smart, with all his off the cuff comments and actions in some of his meetings. I had no idea that he was a competitive sailor and won the America's Cup, which just adds that much more depth to the guy. One thing that I really liked was the parts in the book where his friends, colleagues, and family members told stories about him or substantiated and/or gave a different perspective of things that happened in his life. less
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The best business biography/autobiography I've ever read.
Great book! Easy read.
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