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Instructing A Child's Heart (2008)

by Tedd Tripp(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 4
0981540007 (ISBN13: 9780981540009)
Shepherd Press
review 1: I only have preschoolers in my house, but the perspective in this book is so very timely and counters the habits my husband and I have started forming based on what we hear other parents recommend to us. This book makes distinction between behavioristic use of rewards/results and a gospel-centered use of consequences to train children. The book also really complements the Shepherding a Child's Heart book through its focus on teaching children's hearts and not manipulating outward behaviors. The last two paragraphs of the book are such great reminders that this is all of the gospel - for parents AND for the kids. I'll be going back to this book in the years to come!
review 2: From out of our hearts, flows either sin or goodness. Our children's hearts need to
... more be instructed in goodness during their formative years. Teach them to examine their own hearts against the formative instruction from God's Word that they have received. I like the idea of examining actions as a symptom of the heart issues. The heart is the root of the behavior. Good practical examples of sample conversations included. No lecturing the child but listening and questioning as a fellow sinner who also struggles to obey. less
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Fantastic follow-up to Shepherding a Child's Heart. Applicaple to parents with children of any age.
Fantastic book...I recommend that every parent read this book whether your children are 2 or 22.
Same as shepherding with more in depth application.
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