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New York Diaries: 1609 To 2009 (2012)

by Teresa Carpenter(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 4
067964332X (ISBN13: 9780679643326)
Modern Library
review 1: Spanning the course of four centuries, from 1609 to 2009, Teresa Carpenter's "New York Diaries" is a fascinating look into the history of a city as dynamic as its diarists. Whether they're praising or tearing it down, their individual and honest experiences capture the complete evolution of what we've come to know as New York. Although the pre-1880 entries bored me (sometimes I didn't even know what it was referring to) the rest were very entertaining!
review 2: This would make a great gift for the New Yorker in your life. Diverse diary entries that contain both the best and worst of the city and its inhabitants. The book does a great job of illustrating the tremendous changes in the city over the last 300+ years while making you also feel like New York is virt
... moreually unchanged. The struggles of today's residents often mirror those of the people who came before us, whether they were George Washington (incredibly boring diarist), an adolescent girl from 150 years ago, Jack Kerouac, bloggers trying to make sense of 9/11, Conde Nast editor Leo Lerman (whose description of Baryshnikov was one of my favorite entries) or a nauseatingly-in-love Theodore Roosevelt. less
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I dunno what I thought this would be, but I made it halfway through February before I was over it.
Just seeing Jack Kerouac's diary entry here makes me want to buy this book. For Christmas:)
I really like Simone De Beauvior letters.
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