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I Never Asked You To Save Me (2013)

by Theresa Marguerite Hewitt(Favorite Author)
4.49 of 5 Votes: 3
Smashwords Edition
Wakefield Romance
review 1: Bobby turn to get a HEA, right?Timmons our favorite man whore has been struck by the love bug. Ellie, Rhea's long lost cousin, is going through a tough divorce from an even more difficult marriage she can't deny her attraction to Bobby, but with all her secrets can she let go and be happy? Just as they start to become closer Bobby ships out and they contine talking through the occational phone call, but when the unexpected happens and Bobby must come home can he be the man Ellie needs. And will Ellie's past and some of her present come to haunt her, or could it even kill her?Ellie has a boat load of trouble she's trying to get through and slowly she learns to come out of her shell, espically when it come to the possibility of happiness. Timmons is a hoot and although he's... more never been a relationship kinda guy he can't deny his attraction to Ellie. I love how he let her in even when things in his life seemed to get screwed up. He's not one to let the bad in life get him down and it was great getting to know his story.Now I will warn ya this addition to the series deals with some intense situations and also ends in a major cliffhanger. Wakefield 4 comes out in March and I can't wait to see what happens.
review 2: I just finished book 3 and although I love the series thus far, I am now impatiently waiting for book 4 and hoping it continues Bobby & Ellie's story to a nice and happy ending. As for now I deal with the frustration of an open ending and remember what drew me to the story lines to start. The author does a great job depicting the emotions soldiers and their families go through while they are away and the changes when they return home to stay. I am glad to help with donations by purchasing this series in addition to the other donations I have already made personally to a great cause. Prayers to all soldiers and their families for a fast and safe return. I hope you enjoy these stories of hope and love as much as I did. less
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Book 3 is great. I really feel like I know this group of friends and I like them. Good read.
Loved this book! Ready for # 4 to come out !!!!
4.5 starsReview under BookJunkyGirls
I want book 4
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