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(Never) Again (2013)

by Theresa Paolo(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 4
Berkley Penguin Group (USA)
review 1: I have been waiting to read this book for forever! I am so glad that I found this book. I was originally captivated by it because of the relationship between Zach and Liz. not their past one, the one that they are now- the heartbroken girl and the guy who shattered her into a million pieces. I always like the books with the thick tension and passion vibrating off of people, and I saw that in this book. It was interesting to see how the story worked itself out. I had definitely not expected the events that occurred in this book to happen, it went beyond my expectations which I liked. I am very good at interpreting books and reading characters and I am able to get the hints of what events are going to happen or already have, so I was very grateful that this book was not pre... moredictable at all. it left me in a constant state of shock, surprise and eagerness. the characters in this boom were very well developed and I love the personalities that the author bestowed upon them. I love Sierra's outgoing, yet anxious personality and Zach's devotion and care for Liz. it killed me to see how he acts around Joe and Liz. it was almost heart breaking. I yearned for him, even if he was the one who broke Liz. watching the person you love with someone else is horrible and I am surprised Liz didn't get the that vibe from him. I am debating on reading the second book in the series. if I am being honest, the storyline doesn't interest me very much, but since I enjoyed this book so thoroughly, I am torn!
review 2: My first read from this author and most definitely not my last! Never Again is a story told in first person about Liz Wagner and how she's starting life in college. At eighteen she knows all about heartbreak as the boy she loved moved away and never kept in touch. Falling into depression she let her school work slide and missed out on going to the college of her dreams. Now she's rebuilt her life and has even managed to find happiness with Joe and then one day everything changes. Zach Roberts is back! Feeling like life is kicking her in the teeth Liz is expected to just smile and carry on as if her world didn't fall apart when he deserted her. To make matters worse Zach is constantly around and just so perfect!Struggling to balance her feelings for Joe whilst avoiding Zach is not an easy task. To add insult to injury Liz's own brother Josh is all friendly with him as well and then one day life changes. Tragedy strikes and Liz needs support more than ever. Can she trust Zach or will he let her down again? What about her relationship with Joe? Will it stand up to the pressure that surrounds them all?I am speechless with admiration at the sheer depth of this book. The author has written a story that whilst aimed at a young adult market is full of heart. The heroine Liz is just a dream to read about as she struggles with coming to terms with her adulthood and the complications that romance can bring. She's bright and funny and her opinion that life just bitch slaps her is one that will resonate with a lot of readers. This story is full of well written characters and humour. It's impossible not to care for Liz and Zach. When tragedy strikes its a shock and written in such a way that the reader cannot help but feel emotionally involved. Truly moving.Well done Ms. Paolo and more please. less
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Cute story but it lacked in areas an left me with questions that weren't answered .
too typical, entertaining because i was super bored.
Loved the book and this author! Must read!!
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