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Moosed Up (2012)

by Tiffinie Helmer(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
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Wild Men of Alaska
review 1: Eva Stuart left Cincinnati and her cheating fiance for the wilds of Alaska. After walking in on him in bed with his new love, she wanted someplace as far away as possible. The village of Chatanika was looking for a Nurse Practitioner since they couldnt afford a doctor. Lynx Maiski was born and raised in Chatanika, a beautiful hunk of man who was the enforcement officer for the Wildlife refuge that surrounded them. He also had a thing with the animals - they understood each other.Eva meets Lynx when BW,the local bull moose that Lynx had rescued as a baby, was messing with Eva and scaring her. In the process of getting away, she managed to cut herself and Lynx ended up putting in the stitches for her. Getting an eyeful of Eva in a state of undress gave Lynx all kinds of ide... moreas that Eva was only happy to agree to.Cute story, quick and enjoyable. Dialogue and story was smooth and fun.
review 2: I love Tiffinie Helmer's books. Maybe it is because they all involve Alaska and I have always wanted to go there. The story between Eva and Lynx is just so darn hot and the moose is just hilarious. I don't think that I have ever laughed so much before. And yes, he does get caught up in her clothes, lol. Right at first, it doesn't look like things want to go in their way, some of it is his job as Wildlife Refuge Officer that gets in the way. But things do take a turn for them, then poachers get in the way. But I am telling you that you will enjoy this book. Romance and suspense and a moose that just doesn't stop. And the beautiful scenery of Alaska, what more could you want besides hot sex!! This is one of my favorite books by Tiffinie. less
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Short and sweet, nothing taxing for a tired brain. Enjoyed it.
Very cute and short.
Fun quick story.
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