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Caller Of Light (2012)

by T.J. Shaw(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
The Wild Rose Press
review 1: I have to say I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book.If you like KristIn Cashore's writing you'll love this. It's filled with fantasy, intrigue and romance.I was sucked out of reality and into Shaw's fantasy world. Shaw's writing style is beautiful and elegant in its description (she doesn't drown you with it like some fantasy writers). Her magical creatures "Criton's" enchanted me through her main female protagonist POV - Carina.Carina was an inquisitive and powerful character. Her whole life she had wanted to feel loved by her father but she was never enough and was always an outcast. This was because only half of her was of royal blood. There for, her sister, a pure royal blooded female was always doted upon and was always vicious towards Carina. The only time she had love and... more loyalty was from her Criton (more or less a dragon) named Mira. Mira was also an outcast the smallest of a litter there for the two individuals became fast friends.Marek was a gorgeous Hero who fell for the half blood sister not knowing who she is, whilst he was promised to Carina's sister for marriage. But the two couldn't put out the fire that burned in their hearts for each other. They fell, and fell hard for each other.In which Carina's life and Marek's will change forever.This book has:ActionStrong HeroinStronger Hero (a KING!!!)Charming secondary characters Magical creaturesVillainsAndAn epic twistI loved it!!!!READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!!!!!!!
review 2: This book started really well, but became very frustrating to read.Carina is a neglected daughter of a King, who treats his youngest daughter as a servant, because he believes the woman who gave birth to her was a lowly servant. He treats his older daughter, Marissa with reverence, which leaves Carina to seek his love and approval unsuccessfully. Enter a young King Marek Duncan looking for a wife to produce him an heir. He has come to negotiate a marriage with Marissa, but spies a young lady riding a Criton (I suppose they're like dragons) and he's impressed by her riding style, her connection to Critons and when they meet, her alluring beauty. Suffice it to say he changes his mind and instead of choosing Marissa as his Queen, chooses Carina as his mistress (I guess he can't claim he as queen because she doesn't have full royal blood). This doesn't sit well with Marissa and tells Marek that Carina is "tainted" and although he doesn't want to believe her, it causes doubt, which is what Marissa intended.As Marek and Carina travel with his small army back to his kingdom, they encounter an attack, which Carina shows her bravery, aiding Marek's men in the defense, by using a long bow and even sword fighting. Carina is mortally wounded, but the attacker sees that he was mistaken in harming Carina, and saves her life.From here the story goes down hill. Carina goes from being a feisty, brave and courageous character, to a simpering co-dependent female that can't function when the man is not with her. We are led to believe that Carina is he next "Caller of Light" which is the person that helps bond Critons to their riders, but once Carina gets to Marek's kingdom, it takes a backseat and the sex is what the characters focus on. I'm ot saying there shouldn't be any sex scenes at all, but it seemed that the focus changed, and from all the action that happened in the first third of the book the next two thirds of the book, was just full of drama and hardly any action. The end of the book was pretty anti-climatic, and I enjoyed the beginning of the book more than the rest of it. less
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Great fantasy romance read! I enjoyed it very much. Hope there is a continuation. :)
Not for me. Couldn't get into it.
Really? It just ends like that?!
abrupt ending:(
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