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Pompeii: City On Fire (2011)

by T.L. Higley(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 4
1433668572 (ISBN13: 9781433668579)
B&H Books
review 1: The story of Mt. Vesivus preparing to explode and its final destruction of Pompeii. Only there is the story of the people living there. This book takes at life and people prior to Vesuvius erupting. The story entwines slaves escaping from Rome looking for siblings that were separated years earlier. The inner battle of which gods or God to worshiip. Ariella pretending to be a man to escape. A blossoming love story. Fighting to save ones family and escape the evils of the city not knowing of the larger danger that looms.
review 2: Pompeii, the City on Fire - a title that catches your interest right away. Despite the name, the book mostly deals with the lives of the citizens of the city in the days leading up to the disaster we all know about.There's lots of diffe
... morerent elements in this book - naturally, it's historical fiction, but there are also elements of Christianity (the days when Christians were still killed for their beliefs), mystery, romance, politics, and sports (gladiators). (I feel like this is a Princess Bride moment)The characters in this book are all flawed, which makes them both likable and believable. Ariella, the main female character, is so stubborn that at times I wanted to yell at my e-reader to get through to her.The moment when the volcano gives way is written very well and you can see events unfolding before your eyes, and the last part of the book was definitely the highlight of the entire novel for me (with my heart pumping the entire time). less
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Page turner. And I found myself really caring about the characters.
A good read.
3.5 stars
loved it
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