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Burn Notice: The End Game (2009)

by Tod Goldberg(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 4
0451226763 (ISBN13: 9780451226761)
Burn Notice
review 1: It's hard to know what to say about this book. While Tod Goldberg had the characters down dead and the TV format very well done, that's about all it had going for it. The End Game was nothing more than a TV episode. It was a reasonably well done TV episode, but nothing beyond. I'm sorry, but when I read a book, I want more than just something I can sit down and watch in 42 minutes. I wouldn't read a movie adaptation and expect nothing more than a film script, I want much more than you get on screen, lots of information that they couldn't make into the actual movie or TV episode. This simply does not deliver. It's slow, much of it is little more than talking heads and the action, what little there is of it, comes only in the last chapter. I don't feel that I got any... morething more from reading the book than I would have gotten sitting down to an episode of Burn Notice, it just took much longer to digest for no more payoff.
review 2: The End Game was not what I would call a great book. It paled in comparison to Todd's first Burn Notice novel, The Fix. In "The End Game" there were some great scenes that had a that "Oh! Just like in a Burn Notice episode!" but overall I felt bogged down in the exposition. Sure, Michael Weston goes into some great DIY spycraft but overall it just fell flat. The ending was the worse IMHO. It just sort of ends. I'm not even quite sure why the badguys do what they did. I felt like a situation was setup and just sort of ended without a sense of accomplishment. The Mikey and his mother epilogue was through in to make up for the lackluster plot conclusion. Overall I give it a Blah. less
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I still love the show, but the book was disappointing.
Easy read ... Book was just like the show.
This was fun. A good tie in to the show.
Good addition to the series!
Fun, fluffy read!
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