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Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide (2011)

by Todd Burpo(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 5
141855068X (ISBN13: 9781418550684)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
review 1: Not very well written. There are too many of these "fantasy" books on near-death experiences. This one, from the perspective of a child is so far out of the bounds of biblical truth, it's laughable. Not desiring to laugh at a child's dreams, I am reduced to criticizing the parents for allowing this fantasy to go into print as truth. Please do not waste your time on this book. Save yourself the price of one book by purchasing "Heaven is for Real: The Book Isn't" by D Eric Williams. His careful explanation of the sham behind this book is a much better read.
review 2: This is a very interesting book. I like it because it tells the story of a sick little boy who went to heaven and back. It's interesting because the little boy can completely describe heaven an
... mored people he saw in heaven that he didn't know existed yet. This book is a true story. I would recommend this book to someone of Christ. If you didn't believe in God and the Christian religion then this book would just annoy you the whole time. This book relates to me because it shows how you have to give your faith in God no matter how hard it is, because God has a plan for everyone. Some literary elements in this book are irony and imagery. An example of irony is ...when I was angry at God because I couldn't go to my son, hold him, and comfort him, God's son was holding my son in his lap. An example of imagery is ...What is childlike humility? It’s not the lack of intelligence, but the lack of guile. The lack of an agenda. It’s that precious, fleeting time before we have accumulated enough pride or position to care what other people might think. The same un-self-conscious honesty that enables a three-year-old to splash joyfully in a rain puddle, or tumble laughing in the grass with a puppy, or point out loudly that you have a booger hanging out of your nose, is what is required to enter heaven. It is the opposite of ignorance—it is intellectual honesty: to be willing to accept reality and to call things what they are even when it is hard. less
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I loved the movie it was sad and this book I'm gonna read it
I really liked the story, but the writing was very choppy.
Excellent book, it will renew your faith!
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