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Lost Temple (2000)

by Tom Harper(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: So this book is a slow start, so slow in fact I was thinking of putting it in the giveaway pile once I finished it. The author doesn't bother describing the main character and you don't find out he's British till about 100 pages into it. Perhaps the author being British assumes we would guess the hero would have to be British.But still in my mind I cast the characters as certain people and I was becoming more and more attached to Sam and Marina. I was hoping eventually they would kiss or admit feelings for each other. I got all that and more.Around 200 when Marina finds out about her brother the story picks up and turns into a thrill ride that I could barely put down. I felt like I was watching a summer blockbuster and truly I don't know why it was never turned into a movi... moree.While I was reading I was trying to write how I thought it should end, and even I didn't come up with a ending that tidied up every last piece. remarkable :)
review 2: Cheese that would make the master cheesemakers in my area proud. The unashamed illegitimate love child of Dan Brown/WEB Griffin/Indiana Jones. It's got the cliche cast of: disgraced mercenary special forces type. Gorgeous dark voluptuous Greek resistance fighter that must be, of course, the male protagonist's EX lover. The usual over thinking academic type. The usual bad German 'archaeologist' described in porcine terminology. The usual Soviet baddies. The usual spy baddies. The end of the world artifact. It does nothing to try to hide just how stereotypical it truly is, and it moves itself along on its time worn collection of tropes. The male protagonist is always going for his gun, and even though he spends a lot of time in libraries, and his life is in the balance, never bothers to actually pick up and read the Homeric work himself...choosing to remain unmarred by such thoughtful pursuits that might save his life if something untoward might happen to his eggheads. He's shallow. They're all shallow. And...it's okay. It's so unapologetic and blatant that I'm going to give it a pass because it makes utterly no pretensions. Comfortably written, reasonably fast paced, and some interesting insight into a culture and archaeology often overlooked. If my son was still 14, I'd hand it off to him in a heartbeat. It would be a great airplane book, you're not going to miss anything if you have to put it down for awhile and pick it up later. less
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Quick read. Too much mythology, not enough character development.
It was ok for a holiday read. Wasn't gripped by it.
Great book. Totally enjoyable
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