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Tag Along (2013)

by Tom Ryan(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
1459802977 (ISBN13: 9781459802971)
Orca Book Publishers
review 1: I don't want to swear or anything, but the only adjective I could use to describe these four kids would be bad-asses. One person does graffiti art.Another helps the criminal escape.A third hides beer in her closet, is grounded, then jumps out of her window. The last... Well, he's pretty innocent.Overall, I really enjoyed this book... There was this pull that made me keep reading, wanting to find out more about these rebels. Every chapter in this book switches to a different P.O.V., one of each of the four main characters.
review 2: It’s Prom night and nothing’s going as it’s supposed to for these four teens: Candace, a graffiti artist, is hiding from a persistent police officer; Roemi’s dreams of being part of the first gay couple at his prom are dashed
... more when his date stands him up; Paul’s severe panic attack forces him to cancel Prom with his popular girlfriend; and Andrea’s been grounded for having alcohol in her bedroom. None of these four teens think their Prom night could get worse, but when these near-strangers’ lives converge and the adventures begin, they just might find that Prom night can get better. Teens who like a little action and adventure with their romance story will enjoy this riveting story that occurs within 8 hours on Prom night. Readers will find their favorite teen among the four narrators and root them on to an unexpected Prom night that none of them will forget. less
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Tom Ryan writes great teenagers. The book, and the characters, were amusing and heartwarming.
Quick read. It was alright. No real thoughts about it
Entertaining quick read.
(2.5/5 stars)
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