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The Gropes (2009)

by Tom Sharpe(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 5
0091930901 (ISBN13: 9780091930905)
review 1: It is a pity that the book had to end. Indeed, for most of the book I enjoyed reading one more Sharpe's novels. Brilliant writer, he has a real sense of humour. It makes a nice and funny reading. But half way through, it starts becoming weaker. The plot is still manageable, but the rhythm is partially lost. But then, with the final approaching, one gets the impression that Tom didn't know how to wrap up. The last chapters are very weak. The happy end of some charcaters is more than unlikely. It is a pity. Could they sell 3/4 of the book and pretend it was never finished?
review 2: This must be the most uninspired book by Tom Sharpe that I ever read. The plot is tenuous at best, and it ends in a fizzle unworthy of the writer of such gems as the Wilt series. Than
... morekfully the story is rather short and I managed to complete it fairly quickly - no mean feat considering that I got bored of it relatively early and I trudged on simply because I hoped it would redeem itself in the end. Sadly, my hopes remained just that. Avoid. less
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Disappointing effort from an author who's books I usually enjoy. Not a patch on his earlier efforts.
el mas flojo de Sharpe, esta viejo el pobre
I love Sharpe, but this book is not sharp.
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