The Inner Circle App Review

My first experience of The Inner Circle happened about 3 years ago when I was fairly new to online dating. I’d received an invite onto the site when I met the founder at an event, and was excited to try it out. I received a message from an investment banker 10 years my senior, which was older than I’d dated before but I figured he’d be more mature, and I envisioned the cultured, confident banker type. I got there and he’d lied down about his age by at least 10 years, and was, for want of a better phrase, a bit weird. I then got chatted up by this weird African guy on the train home.

I never used the site again.

However, one of my friends started using The Inner Circle dating app, and said she was meeting higher quality guys from it, so I decided to get back on the horse and give it a whirl.

For those of you unfamiliar, The Inner Circle is a “selective dating app that connects ambitious, like-minded people”. The app is aimed at professionals, and you have to be invited on there, with the aim of having a higher standard of user. Both the site and the app target 17 major cities around the world (you can contact users from other cities which can come in handy if you’re going on holiday or a business trip), and also run events.

The app has a similar structure to the website- you create a profile where you add some pictures of yourself and details such as your age, location, height etc. You also write a short “about me” section (think Tinder bio, not style essay), then your favourite cities, the best place to go in your city, your hobbies, and ideal dates. You can then view other members’ profiles, and message, like, or “wink” at them.

The site’s exclusivity seems to be working to some extent as overall the quality is higher than on other dating apps (I’m not sure what is happening with Tinder at the moment but I seem to be swiping left way more often these days). However the “loads of hot guys messaging you” thing seems to only apply if you’re under 5’7″ and above an 8, because I hardly ever get messages, and when I do they’re from guys who aren’t my type, and when I message people they hardly ever respond regardless of opener (and not meaning to blow my own trumpet here but my pictures are pretty decent too).

Overall I think the app has some disadvantages when compared to “swipe left/ right” style apps, as with those you have to match before you can message, so there’s at least some level of interest so you end up with more messages/ dates. However, The Inner Circle app is nicely put together and easy to navigate, and on the whole the people seem more intelligent (plenty of high rollers on there too if that’s your thing).

At any rate, it’s better than Plenty Of Fish.

You can download The Inner Circle app from The App Store or Google Play. 


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