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Pretty Girls (2013)

by Tony J. Winn(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 5
ORLY Press
review 1: Rating: 3 starsI'm used to the sexy heat of Mimi's books so this novel, although a captivating teary read, moved along at a slower pace for me. We have Nora's story and her journey through being comfortable in her own skin. Nora is a radio host and has difficulty holding her tongue in her personal relationships. Nora is a dedicated, honest friend that I'd be proud to call one of my friends. The banter with her friends and her co-workers is hilarious! The ending wrapped up quickly and although there's no cliffhanger, with the slow pace of the novel and the quick ending, it definitely left me wanting more. Give this a try!
review 2: This book had a lot of potential, however I really wish that:a)it didn't end so abruptlyb)it explored the characters furtherc)
... moreit resolved some of the issues that were presented instead of leaving us hanging in the balance.I really liked that this novel dealt with a young woman with a disability and the body image issues she goes though. She hates her hair and her nose, and she feels that she might be prettier "if only". This is an issue that many women face, so it was refreshing to see this in a work of fiction.That said, I never really felt that the story came together until the end, and at that point it just felt like everything was happening all at once. All in all it was a decent read, but it had the potential to be a whole lot better. less
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yeah i like it..but i miss the cute and sexy thing story like teddy bear series he he
.99 Amazon 3.3.13
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