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Callisto (2009)

by Torsten Krol(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
0061672947 (ISBN13: 9780061672941)
Harper Perennial
review 1: I can't believe this book was written by an Australian. I believe Torsten Krol has nailed simple-minded, non-critical thinking that pervades the US. Because of that, this novel was a bit discouraging at times. That is not a fault of the novel itself, but of my naive and optimistic view of the world. So the book: Odell Deefus gets entwined in a would-be terror plot, excaserbated by Americans' post-9/11 fears and blind patriotism. Odell narrates the story and this is where I can't believe how well Krol writes his naive and (yes) stupid narrative. The story is action-packed and makes a political point about the war on terror, the religious right, small towns, you name it, without having to come right out and say it. Unfortunately, the folks that would benefit from read... moreing this book would probably the last to pick it up!
review 2: I can't decide at all about this book. For most of it, I thought it was a three star book. Not much to it really, but an intriguing story that I kept reading because I just wanted to find out what happened. But then I just got annoyed by the political message that didn't seem to fit at all. And the reviews on the cover and back said how funny it was...and it was funny to a degree, but then towards the end with the violence and torture it was not funny at all. It was actually quite disturbing. The main character was quirky and likable in some ways, but in some ways the quirks seemed a little forced. I know this book was supposed to be making some sort of commentary on the absurdity of the post 9/11 world and culture of fear, but I just didn't think the message came across at all. I thought that the plot twists were too absurd, making the absurdity of reality seem even more normal, if that makes sense. less
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Fantástica sátira. Reflejo de lo que son los americanos. Muy entretenido.
Style reminding that of Holsten Caulfield.Book is sheer fun.
Interesting plot, although it slowed down towards the end.
Sometimes telling the truth will get you beat.
Funny, satirical, a bit like Forest Gump,
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