Delta: The House Of Blues

Delta doorway

The fabled Mississippi Delta is a small, alluvial flood plain between Memphis Tennessee and Vicksburg Mississippi – the home of the blues and rock and roll. Unlike your average river delta (note the small ‘d’) it’s not at the junction between a river and the sea.

The House Of Blues is Orlando’s tribute to the Delta. This door is flanked by the crossroads at Clarksdale, immortalised in several songs, and a map where the Delta appears as a soil-coloured triangle. The path of the Mississippi River is indicated by a gap in the artwork, letting us see through to the wooden boards.

The house of blues

This shows the door in context, before the doors open for the day, looking like the stage set it is. The real-life Delta is changing rapidly, my Delta-born friends tell me: many of its towns and cities are less vibrant than a few decades ago, even as the region’s musical legacy spreads out around the world.

The other doors from The House Of Blues are beautifully designed too. I haven’t mastered the knack of getting everything straight, have I? – but I wanted to share them anyway.

Wine bottle chic

This close up shows the custom-decorated bottles you can make out dimly over the door on the right, pictured above. It intrigues me how well these wine bottle paint jobs work together: it’s a masterclass in how to mix and match colours and patterns. The shelf, ceiling and wall has oodles of Delta chic too.

I’m submitting this to Norm’s Doors. Please take a look at the other submissions if you have chance.

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