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The Girl Who Couldn't Say No (2000)

by Tracy Engelbrecht(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 2
1770075747 (ISBN13: 9781770075740)
review 1: While I felt the writing was a bit too bloggy (no surprise to read she is a blogger at the end of the book!) I did enjoy the story and there was some funny bits that almost made up for the blogginess of it. Its a story of a teenage girl finding herself pregnant, and how her life changed and came together over the following years. Its sweet and sad and amusing, and I really wanted to be able to rate it higher, buts while its a nice read, its just not that good. I don't feel like I wasted my time reading it though. If you want a quick, easy read and don't mind that writing style, try it out.
review 2: This is an unusually quirky book about a South African girl who finds herself pregnant at an extremely young age. The beginning of the book starts out with a bang
... morewhere Tracy has to tell her parents that she's pregnant, a tough time for anyone. Tracy spills out her emotions and feelings with frankness and humor throughout the book, but my interest waned a bit toward the middle. After I returned to it, there were a lot of funny stories about jobs, child care, and other things that I could relate to again, making the rest easy to finish. Tracy has a really funny sense of humor and has the ability to make some really funny material out of things that most of us just take for granted everyday. less
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a good read. the author writes with humor and honesty. enjoyed it!
Something quite unusual in an autobiography - total honesty.
She tries too hard to be funny but she is a one trick pony
I laughed my ass off with this book!!
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