63 moons: A pioneer in fintech innovations

Mr. Jignesh Shah is the founder of the 63 moons technologies (formerly FTIL), a global leader in creating and operating technology-centric financial exchanges for stocks, commodities, currencies, and bonds among other asset classes.


Mr. Shah is often called the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets’ for his role in creating a successful Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to build world-class financial institutions. He has created modern IP-centric financial markets, which have been instrumental in changing the contours of exchange trading in India and emerging economies from Africa to Asia.

Under his leadership, the FTIL Group launched MCX in 2003, which is one of the world’s largest commodity futures exchange as per the Futures Industry Association (FIA). The success of MCX has inspired several countries and government entities to partner with FTIL and promote various global exchanges. These achievements have seen him feature among the ‘Top 30 Global Innovators in e-finance’ by Institutional Investor in 2008. He was also noted in the FIA’s Futures Industry Magazine (Nov-Dec 2008) as a leading

A young Jignesh always dreamt of being a successful entrepreneur. At the age of 8, he had made up his mind to study engineering and set up his own business. After securing a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Mumbai University, Jignesh Shah, underwent specialised training in money, capital markets, futures and options trading at the New York Institute of Finance before returning to India. He was now determined to join the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

A go-getter since childhood, an ambitious Jignesh got his first job as a Project

Manager at BSE. He had a unique vision: he wanted the BSE to undergo a radical change and bring about inclusive and equitable growth through technology. For the first time someone was thinking about this at the BSE. Jignesh Shah worked on the design and implementation of BSE’s online trading platform, BOLT, thereby revolutionising stock trading in India.

After understanding different aspects of the finance field, Jignesh Shah realised the potential and need for a technology firm in this sector. It was his vision to set up a financial product company that would not just restrict itself to trading systems for equity, but create products that would attack all high transaction density markets, whether commodity, equity, currency or bond He set up a world-class trading solutions provider in 1995 – Financial Technologies India Limited (FTIL) which is now known as 63 moons technologies limited.

The group pioneered in multi-asset class trading solutions and platforms across the globe. The company built robust and reliable technology products that enabled faster spread of stock market activity across the country within a short time.

Innovator Jignesh Shah reformed the exchange operations in India.

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