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Heartbreak River (2009)

by Tricia Mills(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
1595142568 (ISBN13: 9781595142566)
review 1: Heartbreak River was a gloomy read with exciting moments. The main character, Alex, basically analyzes her friends and family relations through out the summer following her father's death on the river. She struggles emotionally with an old love interest and a possible new one along with separation from her mother and a rocky relationship with her cousin and best friend, Mala. Great teen party scenes include sneaking into a drive-in movie and underage drinking and messing around. The major sex scene was very well written and classy. At the end, Alex receives some closure and some brightness for the future.
review 2: Good, Nothing exceptional about it. I liked Sean and the ending was decent. I liked everything that happened at the party, the looks, the dancing.
... more..very sweet, until it got bad. I liked that she didn't play any games, I really don't like it when characters do that, it just makes a mess of things, I never would and it always has me freaking out that they will be found out or stuff and it's usually embarrassing. I really don't like reading embarrassing parts or parts where they get caught doing things they shouldn't, sneaking out or forbidden parties don't count. I was really worried so I was kinda on the edge of my seat, that she would do something ridiculous and embarrassing but she didn't. I liked Tommy at the beginning until the jealousy and she realizes that he likes her, although we figure that out right away, he was funny and nice. There was a good moral to the story. less
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Really wish their was a book about Daniel and Mayla's POV, & how they got together
Not loving the book, felt like so much history the readers weren't clued in on
DNF. This book is borrrringgggg.
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