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Once Bitten (2011)

by Trina M. Lee(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
098694100X (ISBN13: 9780986941009)
Dark Mountain Books
Alexa O'Brien, Huntress
review 1: OK got this from Amazon.Kindle for free.... which they often do especially when the author has a series of books with the same characters.Alexa's job is a hunter for an agency that takes out those supes that are being too obvious in their killings or have killed innocents or changed humans into a supe with no training or help.Then someone is trying to set up the big Alpha and Alexa's former mentor/lover from when she was turned as a teen, then became his lover. While she hates/resents him on the one hand she knows he would not kill his present and former lovers, and agrees even with his bad attitude and holding back information to help prove he's not responsible for these deaths.What I liked: main female lead character Alexa was strong and non-whiney and got into hot sex w... moreith not only 1 but 2 hot supes. Not that I need play by play sex scenes, I didn't appreciate that so much and they didn't really add anything to the story. Was enough to say that she's a werewolf and good "friends" with another werewolf they hunt and run together, but have never got together in the biblical sense. So when she is magically connected to the local "hot vamp" and they give over to this connection and get together, she almost break's wolfie's heart, until she later gets together with him... a little slutty but it did work within the story.Plus she can also kick butt with her team of fellow hunters and sometimes the one does take on a "bad job" and things go wrong, but I believe this was more for a bit of humour which was OK.Nice mix of all our favourite supernatural characters, werewolves, vampires, witches ( although they are more human and not as strong as in other books in this genre.)I also liked check that LOVED! that it was a complete story and no hanging storyline that made you have to read the next book. I prefer when authors make each book complete in itself, and the next book is the same characters in another situation. It's OK to have a few things left unanswered but open ended cliff hangers piss me off big time! (side note to new and other authors) Another book I read recently did that- cliffhanger and again with the 2nd and I imagine on and on but that just made me not get the next couple of books... this isn't TV writers! They are books! Look at successful series like Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse books, Kim Harrison's Hollows books, you can pick up each of the books and just read it, they fill you in on some of the backstory, that may make you interested enough to go and get the previous books and read them great!, but they don't end books with cliff hangers, each book is complete.... PLEASE AUTHORS DO THAT! THANK YOU!Anyway, in the end of Once Bitten I found I had been totally engrossed in the storyline and felt bad with some deaths, happy with others, and imagined the damage some things Alexa found out would make her re-visit her past a bit more.End results:An enjoyable fairly quick read and in the end I would buy another book(s) in this series. 4 stars as I don't need play by play sex scenes but other than that nothing really annoying :D
review 2: well I gave this book a good run but I got bored and realized i was definitely not going to read anymore in the series so I figured why bother finishing this one. the writing was mediocre at best tedious at worst. there were no flagrant errors but itwasnt fantatstic writing and she contradicted herself several times. the heroine wasn't very appealing. she was tough which I normally like but her callous disregard for human life was unappealing. the love interest also fell short due to the total lack of connection between the two so the sex scenes fell flat. also I got like 160 pages in and still couldn't tell you what the overall plot of the book was its just a bunch of small unrelated skirmishes and bar scenes less
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slow to go...stupid character names...incredibly predictable...i don't think i need to go on.
A great new books series for me to read. This is a series that you will not want to miss.
Just read in the anthology Darlings of Darkness and loved it!
Great new series for me! Looking forward to reading more!
from beginning to finish I loved this book
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