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Schokoladenzauber (2010)

by Trisha Ashley(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
3442475317 (ISBN13: 9783442475315)
review 1: Life is great for chocolate wishes maker Chloe. Moving to a new place in a village with her stepbroither, and her gramps who is into witchcraft is a new start for this family. Chole andher best friend Poppy who owns a riding stable have some fun and meet at the local pub a lot along ith their friend Miles who owns the local bookstore. Two of Chloe';s ex boyfriends move into the village and the fun begins. One boyfriend former rock star now turned village vicar. Witchcraft,and christianity come together and Gramps opens a pagan museum and Chole a Chocolate wishes shop and makes wonderful chocolate molds. Romance comes into play with best friends and old romances mold back together.
review 2: Chloe has an unconventional life. She lives with her grandfathe
... morer and great aunt in a small English village. He is a practitioner of magic and writes science fiction, while her great aunt does the cooking and occasionally reads the tarot cards, tea leaves or palms. She left college when she became pregnant and her son is now almost out of school himself. Instead of dabbling in magic, Chloe feels the presence of angels and has created a mail order business in chocolates with inspirational sayings inside called "Angel Wishes". In addition to her ex-boyfriend who went on to be a rock star, she also was nearly married but the relationship split up right before the wedding because of her son. Her two best friends, are also somewhat unlucky in love and they spend a good amount of time together down at the pub. Several things happen that shake things up for them. One, both her exes come back to town, one as a vicar. Two, the family moves into a new home where she will have her own cottage and space for her business, while her grandfather will have a place to set up a museum with all of his magical artifacts, and three, a rival magician moves into town to stir things up with her grandfather. Romance, mischief, and a little magic ensue. This was a fun take on a romance story. less
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Didn’t finish. Took way too long to get to the point
just a book to pass the time, very predicable
Felt a bit like a poor version of chocolat.
Funny ending, suddenly stopped.
Best book I read in 2013.
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