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Done Being Friends (2000)

by Trisha Grace(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: It had some good twists in it, but over-all predictable. Would have liked to see more character development and thought the premise of her taking over her father's company when he became ill was a little far-fetched, seeing as she had no experience at all. I don't care how much her father loved her, I don't think a good businessman would put the fate of his company in the hands of someone with no experience. I would not dismiss the idea of reading something else by this author. I think she shows promise of better things to come.
review 2: Longtime childhood friends have a sweet spot in my heart and my reading eyes because I always get stories with youthful friendships. I really believe that it makes for interesting stories and long lasting relationships whe
... moren there isn't any unfortunate surprises because we don't know enough about the H/h. Zac clearly loves his childhood best friend Faith. Faith always preferred Zac but he never showed anything but friendship in all their interactions through out the years. This is told from H/h POVs and there is no mystery with their love, but there is an evolution in Zac's emotional development. He believes that he is genetically incapable of treating Faith the way she should be because all the men in his family are faithless adulterers. There is a bit of stalking and quickly solved mystery.There are a lot of grammar errors and typographical mistakes which made me wonder who edited this story? It is a good story with wonderful banter between the main characters but the editing throws me out once in a while.2 stars less
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this is a good, sweet story. the authors writing is good however, there are editing issues.
It was an ok book. Don't know if i would read it again, but it was a quick read.
The story was somewhat entertaining but the editing of the book was awful.
a sweet likle read
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