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Breakdown Motel (2000)

by Ty Marton(Favorite Author)
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Breakdown Motel
review 1: In order to read this book, you must enjoy hard-core edge play and non con. With that being said, the dark elements of this book were exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. However, I do like to read books with plots and this one was lacking on that end. Everything felt super rushed, especially how fast Danny took to being a slave. While I understand that fighting torture is pretty much impossible, it seemed like Danny went from being insolent one moment to completely accepting and even embracing of his newfound slavery within a heartbeat. This was unrealistic and I felt like the authors passed up on the opportunity for both a great storyline and intense sex in favor of just writing a book that was all sex and skimmed all of the important plot po... moreints.
review 2: 1.5 StarsThe author's note pretty much sums up the themes in this abduction/slavery story, to be clear, this is definitely **extremely explicit** Non-Con BDSM except I would add to the subject matter that there is also mentions of explicit (consensual) sexual activity between a transsexual and a man, in addition to the non-con and dub-con sadomasochism between adult men.Now that that's out of the way, I''ll agree with another reviewer that there is nothing really erotic about this story, while it does depict abuse and captivity situations, there is little, if any in the way of hurt-comfort and romance.I was hoping for a decent amount of hurt-comfort and found none, and what bit of romantic intrigue between slaves, or any characters for that matter, was unsatisfactory within this story.This is essentially Non-Con PWP with BDSM, and could be somewhat "trashy" by some people's definition - be warned.My summary -PROS: If you're looking to get hot off of quickly escalated forced sex slave/submission written with no apologies for lack of development or intimacy and need a quick fix, then this FANTASY Non-Con is for you.Or perhaps you can enjoy this from a sub/slave angle, it after all involves the kidnapping and abuse of an (albeit suspiciously compliant) hetero male. Or if you just simply enjoy straight boys forced into into the seedy underworld of sexual slavery, torture and pain, you'll get that with this.CONS: No character depth, the abducted is rather devoid of an internal struggle, not very believable events between the impalpable virgin fisting scene and the accelerated transition from straight boy to easily-docile cock-hungry slave boy. Lousy dialogue. No intimacy, no hurt/comfort, which is my biggest complaint. Only a little dub-con.WHAT I LIKED BEST: That I didn't pay more than $2.99 to read this.WARNING: Do not read this story if you are sensitive to or disagree with non-con torture and pain and other extremes. less
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Very crude wank-off fantasy compared to Christopher Pierce's stories, which I believe this aims at.
What the F*** was that? Negative IQ - no erotica value no story no nothing.
Quick read, non con with a bit of a WTF? twist. 3.5 stars.
not much for a short!
A great little pwp
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