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Hoy Es El último Día Del Resto De Tu Vida (2011)

by Ulli Lust(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
La Cúpula
review 1: 2.5 stars. I actually only kind of read this-- I read the first 70 pages or so and got overwhelmed with irritation at the characters, and skimmed through the rest. I've seen better autographics (autobiographical comics) and I've seen worse. There was little to endear me to the characters, and while Ulli's experiences are poignant and, at times, terrifying and scarring, neither the narrative nor its artistic and rhetorical qualities were enough to bring this book up to 3 stars.
review 2: via NYPL - A mixed bag, it's the memoir of Lust and a friend running away to Italy (from Austria) as teenage punks in the early 80s. Lots of good in it, most of it tragic and infuriating - notably how nearly every man in Italy is a potential (or actual) rapist and showing how po
... moreorly women are treated in general. Those sequences are powerfully done, emotional and haunting. The only real problem is, the book is 450 pages and probably close to 200 pages are pretty standard "youthful misadventures in authority-fighting, hitchhiking and panhandling/drugs" stuff. It doesn't really draw you in until you're nearly halfway through the book. The back half is pretty good however, with encounters with the Sicilian mafia and Ulli finally realizing how little she and her friend really have in common. less
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Spännande, roligt, otäckt, superjävligt, jättebra.
Roadtrip d'une adolescente punk...
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