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Tänään On Loppuelämäsi Viimeinen Päivä (2013)

by Ulli Lust(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: Dos anarkas adolescentes e irresponsables se embarcan en una aventura sexualmente vejatoria de principio a fin, llena de abusos sexuales y violaciones que no sirven para nada, desaliñada pero explícitamente expuestas en un tomo inmenso y coñazo en que apenas ocurre nada. Se critica el machismo tradicional y violento, y el porno (cosa sorprendente), pero ellas mismas son dos cabezas de chorlito insufribles que no paran de dejarse tratar como objetos sexuales. Se masca la tragedia desde el principio, y ésta se cuenta con poca gracia: coacción, abuso, coacción, violación, coacción. Como que no hay mayor contenido que el pedrestre "¡ay, qué machista el mundo y qué mal las mujeres cuando se descuidan!". Puf, mi tiempo por el retrete.
review 2: Really abso
... morerbing autiobo comix about two teenaged Vienna punk girls who sneak across the border into Italy in 1984 and travel around the country without passports or a lire to their name, eventually ending up in Mafia-controlled Palermo. There is some intense and potentially triggering stuff in this book, be warned. I really liked Ulli's sketchy, slightly cramped panels and the green undertones provide a striking contrast. The loyalty that Ulli shows to her unreliable friend Edi is exasperating and somewhat heartbreaking; I couldn't fully comprehend why she remained with her when Edi was obviously bad news. But I guess we don't always make the best decisions at age 17. Recommended for anyone who likes tales of punk drifters, especially fans of Cometbus, Christy Road's zines, and Kika & Hibinka's Off the Map. less
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2.5 not just two... bit more than ok but less than 3 ;)
Read this one in Norwegian. Liked it, raw, direct.
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