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Heute Ist Der Letzte Tag Vom Rest Deines Lebens (2009)

by Ulli Lust(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
3939080365 (ISBN13: 9783939080367)
review 1: I'm not rating this because I don't feel right judging her life. However, I do think she was pretty darned stupid. I mean, if you have been raped once and you know it can happen again, why wouldn't you get out of the place? A large chunk of the book is about how she had to sleep unwillingly with men when she didn't want to but the thing is, she doesn't take any actions to get away from these salacious men. I don't get it. Ugh. Damnit. I ended up judging after all. If this were a work of fiction, I'd give it one star.
review 2: The kind of adventure I dreamed of having as a teen and young adult is also the kind of adventure I'm grateful to have skipped. I love memoirs, graphic and otherwise, and can read about the terrible things that happen to people in this wo
... morerld with minimal effects, but if you can't, this isn't the book for you. Her mid-80's adventure is tainted by the range of sexual assaults she survives, from groping to rape. I'm sure many women will relate to that aspect of her story and we may not even need to leave the country to experience it. Still, this is an energetic memoir of a girl who seeks adventure on her own and finds it despite the disasters of life and travel. less
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Good coming of age story. Not my favorite book, but still a fun read.
Holy cow what an undertaking. P damn good.
Leste på norsk. For skummel for meg.
intriguing but WAY TOO LONG
review coming
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