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Amar Bail (2000)

by Umera Ahmed(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: There are some novels which we love no matter how much we hate it's ending, Amar Bail is one such novel.It has brought the definition of 'love' to a whole new platform.No matter how much I hate Umar Jahangir for the choices he made,he made me realize that when we love someone truly we have to think about what's best for that person over what is best for us.I think I haven't read any story which had a hero who was so selfless that he would prefer someone else for the girl he loves because he knew he wasn't the best person for her. an unforgettable book!
review 2: Amar Bail was awesome. Aleeza & Umar have become my fav couple. The story was gripping and filled with a mixture of emotions. Loving it! Reading Again & Again! Umera Ahmed is now in my fav list. One thi
... moreng that really wanted from ths novel was a happy ending, everything does not have to be over on death, corruption will continue! Painful Ending but still loving it! Something for everyone to read! Need to own a copy!!! less
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it's just an amazing book.i don't have words to praise it. i recommend it to others.
it was amazing i recomend you all to read this to be loved.
I loveddd Umer Jahangir. Enough said ! :-)♥♥
Amazingggg book! A fat book but worth reading!!
Truly amazing... Made me cry :'(
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